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P.B.B. Travels into retail GIANT... NORDSTROM!

Jalan Ward | Published August 19th, 2022

P.B.B. Has officially entered the doors of Nordstrom! Still cannot believe what has transpired for us this year. Some will say it's luck, some may say that this is a opportunity of a lifetime. I'm honestly not sure what this means, I just know that TheProudBlackBrand works extremely hard each and every day to deliver experiences through storytelling within Black culture. This is a HUGE win for culture as you may know. More importantly, the work of God wanting to show how far you can go if you believe in yourself, and aim to inspire others.

In regards, to the Pop-Up Shop event. On the behalf of the P.B.B. Company, we are planning to bring some of the most anticipated items and it has been a beauty to see exactly what we have created for our loyal PBB Family Members.

On a Sunday (Aug 21st, 2022) at The Streets at SouthPoint Mall, we hope and know that it will be a great turn out, especially since Sundays are good days to come shop in your closing weekends. On top of that, adding Black culture to your list of to-dos on a Sunday will be worthwhile. There will be some special surprises we have been working on, and we truly hope you all will appreciate what happens there.

Special thanks to the Staff at NORDSTROM!!! Thank you for noticing our unique creativity, and getting us involved in the Black Business Month Program.

You're probably going to ask, "well...what else can TheProudBlackBrand do from here?" You will honestly just have to wait and see. Hope to see you this Sunday and to celebrate Black History with us! THIS IS MAJOR! A MAJOR WIN FOR ALL OF US! - Jalan W.


Sunday (Aug 21st, 2022) 11AM - 6PM

The Streets at SouthPoint Mall

Durham, NC

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