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James Whitner & The Whitaker Group WINS FNAA2020 'Retailer of The Year'

Jalan Ward | Published December 10, 2020

Getting a chance to watch the Footwear News Achievement Awards 2020 was something special. Not only did TheProudBlackBrand make an appearance inside the show, the person who gave PBB a chance of a lifetime won FNAA20 'Retailer of The Year' . Wow! A Black man.

This is big for the Black Community because we witnessed a Black man with integrity, and a purpose, achieve something so huge! Congratulations to James Whitner and The Whitaker Group, you guys are truly inspirational to the future leaders including myself and TheProudBlackBrand.

There is so much more in store for The Whitaker Group & James, we are thankful to be a part of the journey. This is just the beginning for a great partnership and the purpose from all of this to show the future generations of Black believers that you can do it too.

A quote from James that will always stick with me and how I treat the brand with purpose. "DO THE WORK" & "WE NEED MORE LEADERS" - James Whitner

"I aim to be one of the leaders in our culture to help the Black community propel into something greater than right now". -Jalan W.

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