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First Ever FASTING Experience. How did it go?

Updated: Jan 26, 2021

Jalan Ward | Published January 25, 2021

Fasting Started January 4th - Ended January 25th

January is always the start of a new year with a fresh mindset. There is noting like trying something new, especially having motivating friends who can inspire you to go through something such as a 21 days of "Prayer & Fasting". This was definitely going to be a challenge but something I wanted to endure. There's tons of fasting options to choose to let go of, and it was difficult to think about what really consumes my mind, body, and soul day-to-day. Some fasting goals I will share with our PBB Family, some I will with-hold for personal and spiritual reasonings. A fast is something you aim to do in order to seek light and clarity through God, and yourself. Some of the options I did personally were: No Hip-Hop/Rap Music, No eating after 6pm, No consumption of anything besides food and water (No wine, juice, alcohol etc.) I drink a lot of water, so that would be no issue at all. Mentally, I needed the weekend to prepare for the major challenge I was willing to take on.

I little background information for you guys to understand why I chose my fasting options. 'No Hip-Hop/Rap Music', If you know the real me, then you know that Rap music is basically my life, and I love every layer of Rap music, and the sounds it caters to. Going just one day without listening, is a huge stretch, so going 21 days would be something I could not even imagine. Surprisingly, I handled that one very well as I used Pandora radio, and exploring other genre's of music to take interest. side note: Apple Music would have led to me accidentally picking a Jay-Z, Dom Kennedy, or Playboi Carti album to listen to for a brief hour or two, maybe even more. Who would have known that I would take more interest into jazz, and orchestra (Beethoven, Mozart etc.). Most importantly I have a deeper appreciation for gospel music now. If you ever decide to fast from your favorite genre of music, watch what you end up listening to. Your mind will tap into a unfamiliar curiosity for sounds.

As I stated, my plan to seek understanding from fasting, was mainly to gather insight from God. So doing away with anything that does not benefit the body/temple was pivotal. I love water, and I love to eat, so I figured to not consume anything else wouldn't be as difficult for me, and after 6pm. I surprised myself, my mind opened up to exploring more food options, and revealing that my body did not have to consume as much to feel full. If you eat in small portions, and span your intake to 4-5 times a day, you will see how far it takes you throughout an entire day. More energy, more alertness, and non-fatigue from hunger. God works in mysterious ways I tell you!

Ultimately, these past 21 days were great, and I believe I want to continue some of the choices I made during my fast to see how my mind, body, and soul continues to grow. If you went through your personal fast and would love to share, do not hold back! Share your experience in the comments below. We recommend that all Black people should try a fast at least once in their lifetime.

Special Thanks goes to Dayhige Wright (@DayhigeWright) & Mark Granville (@bizmarkie1) for inspiring us to go through with Prayer & Fasting. You guys are great individuals with a purpose in life!

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