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Black man goes indoor skydiving. A hidden gem.

Jalan Ward | Published May 2, 2023


Imagine being able to just get up on a Sunday and say "I feel like flying in the air" today, but not from a plane. It's incredible that the world has these thing's at your possession that can elevate your inner being. Skydiving is only catered to a niche group who enjoys the thrilling adrenaline, but I feel it should be showcased more around the world.

This is where I want to promote skydiving to Black people, only because I have a new found love, and respect for the enthused skydivers, and their passions to experiment. It's really inspiring.

Being able to finally be in the vicinity of a iFly Indoor skydiving (VA Beach) building where skydivers go to let their mind's erase, and only use their bodies as the main guide, is quite impressive. I was ready to enter the skydiving world myself.

It starts off as a viewing/learning experience as soon as you enter the building, and you notice a group of experts inside the air capsule doing tricks, and maneuvers. There was so much going on all at once inside of the air capsule, it made me think as to why this activity is not overly showcased to the general public? Are we not into these types of thing's as Black people?

Some will say "No!", but I believe we are what we are exposed to. We have to challenge ourselves as a Black community to try unfamiliar things, because you never know what it may do for you, especially for the kids sake. I'm actually going to try to take a group of Black youth next time just to get them out of their comfort zones. I know they will enjoy it!

Overall, this was the continuance of my youthful adrenaline journey as I attempt to go for the next big thing around the time I turn 30. Outdoor skydiving...and only time will reveal its path for me.


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