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|Cp3 for P.B.B.| Chris wears the 2022 Signature "PROUD BLACK" Crewneck customized by his design team

Updated: Jan 3, 2022

Jalan Ward | Published January 2, 2022




To say this is something huge, is an understatement. What this truly explains is that the brand has done some good in the world thus far, and people are starting to take notice. It is truly an inspiration to see someone who uses their platform to impact our culture in various ways do something so simple but very necessary as wearing a sweatshirt of ours. We want to reach the world, and we aim to make that happen. This is a testimony to never give up on your dreams and to always stay true to your integrity. All good things comes to those who wait. I truly understand that now as the brand is still growing beautifully through our 2nd year in business.

There is no turning back now with TheProudBlackBrand. Chris Paul, if anything, has now encouraged the brand to go all in and to not hold anything back. Chris Paul's design/stylist even took the time to customize a 1of1 sweatshirt, using pieces from our RED & GREY sweatshirt fabrics. We love it!

The beauty of TheProudBlackBrand is that we want you to create your own style and story with our merchandise. We don't even call our pieces merchandise, we call them "pieces" of a story within yourself! You create the items with your personal life, and style. Chris just explained it without even discussing why he is wearing the sweatshirt. Clothing speaks for itself, and tells your story for you, if you have a story to tell.

Thanks again to the friends and family of Chris Paul for even making this happen, this is truly inspirational for myself, and the people who look to P.B.B. for an outlet of believing within yourself.

2022 will be amazing for us, this was the

start we needed.


- Pharrell

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