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Voyage Magazine Interviews - Jalan Ward (Owner of TheProudBlackBrand.)

PUBLISHED MARCH 9TH 2022 - Voyage Raleigh


Hi Jalan, thanks for sharing your story with us. To start, maybe you can tell our readers some of your backstories. I’m Jalan, and I created a company in 2019 from a random dream. True story. “The Proud Black Brand” was then manifested. Usually, when someone explains their business storyline, they will start at the beginning of its development. The Art of Storytelling is very special to me, so I would like the readers to understand that my purpose was already written before it even started. At the age of 28, I believe it is best to explain that everything results back to my childhood.

I was constantly observing, drawing a variety of interests, and noticing how big the world is, outside of Raleigh. I considered myself an open-minded kid who felt different as it pertains to taking a liking to stuff other kids may not necessarily care about. Introverted some may say, but I was always interested in everything the world was visually projecting. Being raised in a single-parent household, I believe instills some unique, and powerful traits within yourself because you find yourself spending a lot of time to self-develop. The positive side of this is having the advantage of seeking your purpose early on....... READ MORE

Thank you to Voyage Magazine for the special opportunity!

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