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TheProudBlackBrand collaborates with powerhouse 'Social Status' for a special release.

Jalan Ward | Published October 28, 2020

Social Status believes that "In order to climb the ladder of success, socioeconomic paths must be crossed. From poverty to wealth, characteristics are built. Every experience, opportunity, and relationship adds meaning to your journey." -Social Status." TheProudBlackBrand (PBB) share similar values as it pertains to partnerships, and pushing the culture forward together. The power of manifestation presented itself as PBB prepared for the opportunity of a lifetime.

There are so many ways to write a story of how a collaboration comes about. As a worldwide-focused brand, we aim to be a part of conversation when the topic deals with cultural influence, and impact. This is a story that may go down as one of the most impactful moments in 2020 for a small-business collaborating with a powerhouse brand.

The two brands came together to release two special edition t-shirts that are available to purchase now. You can shop either in-store at Social Status-Charlotte (1519 Central Ave, Charlotte, NC 28205), online at, also available on

The true meaning behind both t-shirts represents an entire culture of 'Proud Black People' who are inspired by oneself, and their surroundings. This is not your ordinary t-shirt. We made it our mission to inform our PBB Family (Supporters) that your'e not just buying a shirt, but that your buying an asset to your lifestyle. Social Status understood the vision, and wanted to include their signature touch. The front print is inspired by the PBB '2020 Summer Capsule'. The back of the t-shirt is where thing's got a bit interesting. We altered our designs on both t-shirts by including the brand's establishing date, to give it it's finishing touch. Here we are now with a complete t-shirt ready to present to our community. For all Proud Black People, Have you gotten your shirt yet?




This is the first of many collaborations between the two brand's. Follow and support both brands to stay updated on information, and future releases.

Instagram : @SocialStatus

Instagram : @APBStore

Instagram/Twitter/Facebook : @ProudBlackBrand

Black-owned businesses (owner/ceo)

Social Status - James Whitner

The Proud Black Brand - Jalan Ward

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