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P.B.B. explores "The Mile High City". Denver, CO is Amazing!

Jalan Ward | Published October 30, 2021

Denver, Colorado is hands down, one of the most peaceful, nicest, cleanest places you may ever visit in the United States. Never would I had ever thought to fully appreciate a place not many people talk about as it pertains to vacationing. I am here to tell you that if you have not been to Denver, or Colorado in general, that you need to go at least once in your lifetime!

I do not know where to even start on how beautiful of a culture it is there. Seems like everyone there is on one accord by just knowing how much Denver has to offer. As soon as you land from your long flight, you feel a sense of calmness, and hopefulness. My personal visit to "The Mile High City" was for business purposes, but you can't help but to explore the significance of Denver; With their unlimited amounts of possibilities. So where do we begin to explain how important it is for Black people to take a trip to Denver?

Hiking...Hiking should go in the rule book for anyone who decides to visit Denver, Colorado. It is a must! I truly believe that all of Black culture should hike, but most importantly, hike in unfamiliar territories. Hiking in Colorado is of course a challenge, but challenges are what make Black people special! So with the help of a good friend of mine who lives in Denver (Colin Rex * Co-Owner of The Coyote Collective/Photographer), we were able to experience traveling up a unique mountain which delivered tons of adrenaline. The temperature dropped fast as we began working on our project, we decided to set up at the top of a mountain full of snow.

Shot with Sony RX100 III - Jalan W.

What to expect in Denver is something you're going to have to personally experience. What really made the trip worth it was that I was able to take my mom to experience the city with me. Something I always wanted to do once I was fortunate enough and able.

To conclude this journey, we made sure we searched for the right locations near downtown to finish up our trip amongst the people of Denver. As I continued to work on a few of the brand's future projects, I couldn't help but feel the welcoming energy from Denver, it felt like we belonged. As a Black man, I have a new view on areas that may sound unappealing to most within Black culture. I plan to promote the importance of traveling, and being able to see what else the world has to offer for your personal gain.

Until next time Denver.....I will be back, I can promise you that!

Special Thanks goes to:

Tonya Wilkerson

Colin Rex ( |@ColinTRex|

Christian Van Os Keuls ( |@vanoskeuls|

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