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Have you ever vacationed inside a cabin? Exploring Gatlinburg, TN.

Jalan Ward | Published December 31, 2020

Taking a trip to Gatlinburg, TN during the month of December was one of the highlights of our 2020. We are here to yell you that, YOU HAVE TO TRAVEL TO GATLINBURG, TN AND STAY INSIDE A CABIN! With it being my first time in Tennessee, there were tons to explore. The weather during our time there was perfect. Being from North Carolina, you see the beauty in cold, gloomy, wet environments. Especially vacationing somewhere that meets the concept with the weather, it's absolutely great!

The only thing left that we had to check off our cabin experience was....a hot tub. Yes, a hot tub is a huge need in your cabin adventure. I really cannot explain what being inside a hot tub on the cabin deck while snow flurries come down do to your soul. You feel at peace, brings serenity, and its a moment you just want to live in the present.

The town of Gatlinburg is great for any tourist. They have nice restaurants, great cafe shops, skyline exhibits traveling up mountains, uniquely designed roller coasters on top of mountains, and more. It's amazing to see how people have conquered ways to construct on mountains and making it fun to explore.

As Black people, something that we do not do much is travel outside of our comfort zones. That is something we aim to push more as a brand. Traveling expands your mind, knowledge, and you get more familiar with unfamiliar locations. So please guys travel! Then tell your family to travel! "WE HAVE TO TRAVEL TO SEE THE WORLD!"- Jalan W.

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