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Going Skiing for the first time in Massanutten, VA! It Was Freaking Awesome!!!

Updated: Dec 17, 2021

Jalan Ward | Published December 17, 2021


Jalan W.

I will say as a Black man, there is so much to explore in life that we as a culture have not necessarily been exposed to growing up. Certain areas we live in don't even encourage us to try different things. This is where I have the realization and purpose in life to show what life can be if you just give yourself opportunities to be great, and explore your potentials.

Visiting Massenutten, VA has a combination of beautiful mountains, beautiful people, and great cozy weather. It's been a pleasure to say that going to this special area has changed my life, and my view on the world. Spending just a weekend here is not enough, I am already planning for new adventures there going into the next year.

This is a special moment in my life as I have now realized that I want to try everything I possibly can, and I would love to see so many black people get a chance to experience the same.

We also was able to do more than just ski, we were fortunate to go snow-tubing!! Which was super fun and a relaxing adrenaline rush! Ultimately, let me just say that...I had a blast. The adrenaline rush is what most people look for in life, and I see exactly why now. One last take-away to know is that you have to really appreciate your youthfulness and wanting to getaway from distractions. As I'm in the last couple of years of my 20's, I'm inspired even more, and this trip has just contributed to just that. I'm motivated more than ever to be great, do great things, and become a person who can help inspire others to take risk and live life.

Thank you to the friendly staff at Massenutten Four Season Resort, you guys were awesome!


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