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Cordae's "From a Birds Eye View" OFFICIAL ALBUM REVIEW! |Sophomore Season|

Updated: Jan 25, 2022

Jalan Ward | Published January 19, 2022

ALBUM RATE OUT OF 10: 7.5/10

(This rate is subject to change as I continue to listen more and more.)



Here we are in the first month 2022, and we have been given an album that will most definitely set the tone for Hip-Hop, and the future. The Hi-Level artists, Cordae released his sophomore album titled "From a Bird's Eye View". The intro presents a phone call between Cordae and his brother who is doing jail time. He spits a dope rap over the phone for Cordae, and you can sense we are in store for something deep from the Maryland artist. This approach gave an unorthodox introduction for us to understand the rawness of the album. I believed Cordae was going to get more personal in this project. This is exactly what we needed from the future leader of Hip-Hop. Before I do a deep-dive into this project I first have to say that Cordae is a real genuine/stand-up guy. In 2021, I had the opportunity to meet rap's prodigy on the campus of North Carolina Central University. To prepare for his album's release, Cordae found a way to visit HBCU campuses back in 2021 such as (Howard, Norfolk State, NCCU) to let students hear the entire album. You have to appreciate something huge like that, especially someone who once attended a HBCU and now finding ways to pay it forward with his craft.

Now let's get into the album. Cordae's album might have to be placed in the "no-skip" tier because I can't say there were any songs I skipped after listening to the project about 4x. Track #2 titled: Jean-Michel gives the cadence we needed to fully see what direction Cordae will be heading towards. His lyricism is something that sticks out in a massive pool of Hip-Hop artists. As we travel through Cordae's upbringing you can gain insight in the songs "Momma's Hood" & "C Carter" that he made it out of his circumstances, and focused on what's important in his life now. This entails that family, and preserving the art of rap is a top priority. I'm sure his family is proud of the man he is becoming just by listening to his words, and recognizing that his past is the reason he is here today.

As we get to the middle, close to the end of the album, I noticed the hunger in Cordae's voice, and lyrics in songs like "Sinister" & "Champagne Glasses" even "Westlake High". These tracks deliver the perfect combination of grungy production and lyricism that not many artists are capable of intertwining nowadays with their own sound.

To complete this review, it is safe to say that Cordae delivered big time! A quality project, with "Hi-Level" production. I believe this was the opener for Cordae to officially introduce himself properly. The message to his fans throughout the project was to inform the listeners that he is here, and will be here for a very long time. I know he will too!

To the real Hip-Hop heads who appreciate artist such as Cordae, we truly know that Cordae is about to reshape the art of rap with his skillsets.

Also, mark my words....This album will end up in the 2022 top albums. Maybe even some nominations to come, stay tuned.


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