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An impactful conversation with Poobie Chapman | Black Activist & High School Basketball Coach

Chris Tazewell | Published March 24th, 2023

Basketball Coach, Community Activist, Father, and NCCU Hall of Famer. PBB Conversations had the privilege of interviewing Poobie Chapman about his experience heading back to his high school alma mater to coach and develop these young men through basketball.

If you have an opportunity to speak with Poobie, you quickly realize that he is a person who defies categorization and doesn't fit into any one box. But one thing is clear - he is a true leader who inspires those around him.

For Poobie, it all started with basketball. He found that sports can be a powerful tool for teaching life skills and building character. But over time, his passion for helping young men has transcended beyond the basketball court.

Many people say we need more leaders and that there are no more Martin’s or Malcolm’s in the world. But Poobie is living proof that couldn’t be further from the truth. He has dedicated his life to mentoring and community activism, and his impact has been felt far and wide.

Speaking to Poobie made me feel like anything is possible. It reminded me that we all have the power to make a difference, no matter how big or small our actions may seem. So, let me ask you this: Who or what inspires you? What impact will you leave on the world?


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