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A trip to 'Soul Good Vegan Cafe', reviewing our first Black-Owned Restaurant. Officially Vegans now?

Jalan Ward | Published November 27, 2020

After a great Saturday morning 3-mile trail with friends, we decided to visit a Black-Owned restaurant to fulfill our hunger. So the question after choosing a Black-Owned vegan restaurant for the day...Did attending Soul Good Vegan Cafe change our lives? We've been anticipating attending this restaurant located in Durham, NC from its catchy name, and as a Black-owned "soul food" restaurant, introducing only vegan selections, makes it even more of a curiosity to just try.

Walking inside of Soul Good you already feel a sense of comfort. The friendly staff made our experience a welcoming one as we looked around to view the other items inside the establishment. There were Black-Owned products for sell such as hand-made face masks, deodorant, Black soap, and even incense. (Side note) I love incense by the way, especially when someone Black makes them, it just has this distinct aroma like you know someone Black created it. Nonetheless, we were happy to see that the restaurant gives customers a chance to shop Black-Owned products while ordering food.

Our vegan food selections were:

1. The B's Wrap Black bean wrap w/ vegan Mac & Cheese

2. Soulful Beyond Burger w/ vegan Mac & Cheese

3. Pulled Jack BBQ w/ Plantains, Chickpea Cornbread, Mac & Cheese, Rice

4. Soulful Beyond Burger w/ Collard Greens

Ultimately, after trying our selections. One thing I will say is that vegan or not, you will need to have an open mind, with no expectations, as it comes to unique taste in foods. The food was an acquired taste, it does explain the difference between foods prepared for vegans/vegetarians. Our food was interestingly good, but it did take some time to warm up to, as anything else that is new to somebody. I do recommend for everyone to take the opportunity to visit Soul Good Vegan Cafe for yourself!

I will definitely try a vegan meal some time in the near future (I'm still hooked on fish/chicken with no decision of letting go just yet). Thank you to the friendly staff at Soul Good for the comforting experience. You guys were great, and we will continue to support you guys! The Black dollar matters!!!

Special thanks to the PBB Family members (Chelsea D./Jalan W./Samson R./Carmen M.) for coming along with TheProudBlackBrand Staff.

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Jalan Ward
Jalan Ward
Dec 20, 2020

Has anyone went to go visit there yet? Any thoughts/reviews?

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