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A Collegiate Collaboration with CHAMPION x APB x PBB

Jalan Ward | Published July 31, 2021

Most will say when you think of a collaboration, it should always be something that make sense to the public. Coming together to promote the empowerment of colleges, and drawing inspiration from culture was the focus of the latest collaboration from TheProudBlackBrand.

Teaming up with powerhouse brand Champion, and APB for an exclusive In-Store and online release will break barriers. With PBB being a considered a "newly founded" brand, they continue to showcase that anything is possible if you believe in a brand that has so much potential to help improve the world. Champion and APB agrees, and aligns with the values.

The collaborative capsule releases July 31st, 2021 at 11AM Est.

AVAILABLE In-Store & Online

All APB Store Locations

There's more to come from the brand's as they continue to work together. Follow the brand's outlets for updates and future releases!

CHAMPION @Champion | APB @APBStore |


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