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Hallie Allen

Writing Staff

Graduate of North Carolina A&T State University. (NC A&T SU)

Has a passion of reading and writing. 

Chris Tazewell

Writing Staff

Graduate of The University of North Carolina at Greensboro. (UNCG)

Personal experiences inspired Chris to write but discovered his passion with writing back in grade school.

Jalan Ward

Writing Staff

Graduate of North Carolina A&T State University. (NC A&T SU)

Enjoys the dynamics of writing and how it connects society.

Let's write about everything in Black culture!

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Who is Hallie Allen?

Who am I? A Black woman who is purpose-led and solutions-driven.

Through writing, I found the values I want to embody in my life.

  • Mindfulness - The greatest source of education.

  • Authenticity = The purest essence of our existence.

  • Liberation = The most gratifying sense of freedom.

  • Community = The greatest love there is.

I want to evoke the feeling of each value through art. My relationship with pen and paper evolved during a time where I became intentional about understanding the deepest parts of my identity, including my Blackness. Like many, my 2020 was uncertain, vulnerable, and heavy. Writing helped me discover clarity, self-awareness, and light.

For me, Proud Black Brand is a “soul-action” – a reflection of who I am and part of a legacy I want to leave. I am PROUD to be BLACK. I’ve always been deeply connected to understanding our people and our culture. As a proud HBCU graduate (Aggie Pride!), I am truly grateful for sacred spaces where we can embrace who we are and nurture our own needs. I want to continue to create these types of environments through PBB.

I think of PBB as an artistic movement, the Harlem Renaissance of our time – a self-portrait of Black life, identity, and culture. I believe in the magnitude of our power, our stories, and our voices. Through my words, I hope I inspire you to find yours.

So, meet Hallie, the “Intellectual Healer” – united with you and always empowering you to think deeper.

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Who is Chris Tazewell?

Chris is a North Carolina native and graduate of UNC- Greensboro. He wears many hats as a tech professional, self-taught barber, and serves as a content creator for the Proud Black Brand. Leveraging his 9-5, Chris is a mentor and is committed to helping break down the barriers to empowering the black community to receive more exposure and access to roles within tech.

Early on, Chris found his passion for writing and the art of storytelling as an outlet to express himself and it’s transformed into numerous opportunities and has given an opportunity to provide a voice to the voiceless. His passion to help others translates into his writing. As a Proud Black Writer, he is dedicated to taking control of our stories and rewriting how our community is represented in the media. 

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