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Chad Standback

The Real Estate Investor

Where are you from?

Raleigh/Garner, 919 either way!

What is it that you do currently?

I run a real estate investment company with one of my brothers from college.

What motivates you every day to do what you are doing?

Man, a few things. Mainly my want to create a better life for my family, myself and generations to come. Aside from that, I have a true want to learn real estate, so I can pass info to those who may not know what it can do for their lives! My drive to reach my goals also motivates me and I must be honest…there are some material things I want that are very expensive lol (mainly trucks and crazy vacations).

Who was the biggest motivator growing up that led to the Black woman you are today?

Yea there are a few people that inspire me to impact. Seeing my peers helping people and having a positive impact on their communities inspires me to do the same. That includes you bro! Genuinely inspired by what you’re building here. I also get a lot of inspiration from Kobe (🙏🏾), and my parents. 

What college did you attend? & How did it prepare you currently?

I went to NC A&T, big up to all my Aggies out there. I’ll be very honest here. From an educational standpoint, we don’t really apply anything we learned in a classroom at A&T. BUT, the people skills, work ethic and connections we gained at A&T help us in our business daily!

How important is it to have positive Black people around you?

It’s extremely important. We just left a real estate mastermind in ATL where the hosts and 90+% of people there were black and successful in real estate. Being a part of that was priceless because it proves anything is possible!  

What’s a special talent or hobby you love to do in your spare time?

Most of my spare time goes to reading and…you guessed it, basketball lol. I generally read books related to business and connecting/communicating with people, but I like to get a murder mystery in when I can. Basketball is my release. As a Raleigh kid, of course it was my first true love lol. It puts me at complete peace and gives my mind a chance to just let go, so I hoop as much as I can.

What does being a Proud Black Person mean to you?

This is a great question. Being a Proud Black Person, to me, means being comfortable in my blackness regardless of where I am/who I am around. I’ve gone through different stages in my life and, admittedly, I was more interested in people pleasing than being my true self for a period. That led me to filter some of my blackness at times. I’m human, so I still struggle with that here and there, but I’ve learned that I feel and operate best when I’m just being myself. So, if I’m not accepted with all my blackness, that’s just not a situation or group of people I need to be around!

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