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Carmen Marable

The intelligent Proud Black woman who aims to empower through medicine.

Where are you from?

I am from Valdosta, Georgia.

What is it that you do currently?

I am currently training on the doctoral level to be a Translational Neuroscientist. I focus on prenatal and neonatal exposures that lead to autism spectrum disorder and cognitive impairment. When I am not in the lab, I am a blossoming entrepreneur. My two sisters and I have a shared desire to create generational wealth which led to the creation of our investment group, 3MG Investments, LLC. I am also the co-owner of Polished Professional Development, LLC. Polished is near and dear to me because I have always loved professional development and I feel as though we need more of it in our black and brown communities.

What motivates you every day to do what you are doing?

My mentees, my family, and my passion for both normative and atypical youth development wakes me up daily. I see so much resilience in all of the aforementioned groups and it gives me purpose.

Who was the biggest motivator growing up that led to the Black woman you are today?

My parents, most definitely have always been my greatest motivating force. They have been the most consistent, timely, selfless, and joy refilling parts of me. Both of my parents were born of farmers, so hard work and humility are who they are at the core and who they taught me to be regardless of the difficulties that come with simply being. They encourage me daily not to accept being the only black woman in the room, but to create room for more because someone else made room for them.

What college did you attend? & How did it prepare you currently?

I attended North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University (NCA&T). Not only did NCA&T give me a network that is absolutely unmatched, but it gave me the opportunity to develop as a scientist and entrepreneur through countless conferences, internships, workshops, and outreach opportunities. My family of professors and advisors taught me to believe in myself and brand myself for life I desire and deserve.

How important is it to have positive Black people around you?

It is beyond empowering to have positive Black people around me. I am one of two black women in a cohort of 70 plus students, so having positive Black people around brings an indescribable smile to my face. The same way the saying goes, “iron sharpens iron”, I believe having other individuals who look like me, who also radiate positivity, polishes me.

What’s a special talent or hobby you love to do in your spare time?

I absolutely love being outdoors, be it off-road roller skating or hiking. When I’m not outside, I’m writing anything from songs to poems to short stories.

What does being a Proud Black Person mean to you?

Being a Proud Black Person means that I accept the highs and the lows that come with being a Black person in America because the beauty, innovation, and resilience of who we are as a culture is both timeless and priceless. Knowing that I have to work twice as hard for equal opportunity and access honestly makes me even more determined to create a lasting legacy. Being a Proud Black Person means that I call my HBCU by her full name regardless of who does and does not know her until others want to know and be a part of all that North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University has to offer.

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