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"Collaborations Improve Our World!"

Let's Work Together!

Another great piece to this amazing story of ours...This portion is very special to us. We aim to collaborate with like-minded companies, and brands who dream of doing the impossible and then making it happen! Each collaboration is planned for the sole purpose of promoting humanity for all. We are thankful to collaborate with the people who love to push the culture forward. Get ready to explore another layer of PBB.

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P.B.B. x Social Status x APB

"The Third Installment."

Social Status x P.B.B. x APB

The 2022 Collaborative Collection

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Culture's #1 DreamTeam

The story continues as PBB teams up with Champion & APB, two companies who aim to sustain the culture as we see. The unique designs were inspired by the collegiate story created from HBCU's. Let's work together to create more opportunities for students to become the future leaders of the world.

Champion x APB x TheProudBlackBrand

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