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REVIEWING the remarkable NEW show 'Lovecraft Country'! First season RECAP

Updated: Oct 23, 2020

by: Jalan Ward | Published October 23, 2020


I'm sure by now you have heard from either one of your friends, family, or from social media that Lovecraft Country is the show to watch right now in 2020. The season finale aired 10/19/20 and it was nothing short of a great but sad ending (Spoil alert blog). There's so much information, significant moments, and thoughts to unload from the first season. The author behind Lovecraft's creation is Matt Ruff. Ruff wrote and proposed the idea in 2007 and surprisingly nobody went for it. Ruff was fortunate to get the novel published in 2016, and long behold the iconic producer Jordan Peele, and his production company gave it some interest after wrapping up the blockbuster movie 'Get Out'.

Lovecraft Country takes place during the Jim Crow era, to complete an established setting, the production team added a paranormal horror touch. Uniquely, it contained some actual real life situations. Nothing what we expected, but we expected the unexpected if that makes sense. I'm sure most viewers got angry at the white characters who were filmed, and some of us realized certain elements within the Jim Crow era still presents itself today. What gave this show its stamp was the sci-fi elements in my opinion.

Personally, I love science fiction and it made this show a perfect mix to keep my anger at a steady level with an applied fictional concept. Here we are in the present day of 2020, and now that the show has ended, I've reflected on how much I could sense the unattended symbolism within. We are excited for what season 2 has in store. Our favorite character Atticus (actor: Jonathan Majors), goes through a series of trials and tribulations from things such as experiencing a difficult upbringing with a dysfunctional father, who travels with him throughout this season. A pregnant girlfriend 'Leti' (actor: Jurnee Smollett) who plays probably the biggest part in this story. She does a remarkable job by capturing the Black woman with uncertainty as she vows to protect her unborn, and the man she loves. The dysfunctional father 'Montrose' (actor: Michael K. Williams) has the roller-coaster aspect within a character. You can't quite figure him out but you do know that he has been through something, and you want to explore why his presence within this season is very much needed.

Ultimately, the first season of Lovecraft Country will be unforgettable. I can imagine myself re-watching the entire season sometime early 2021 just to catch some of the symbolism aspects I may have missed during the initial run-through.

If you have already went through the season as well, let us know what you thought of the show. Did you enjoy it, or was it sub-par? I believe more shows with a similar theme will surface in the future. Not sure if I'll watch most of them, due to the constant reminder of racism. 2020 has been enough as is. However, Lovecraft Country was captured perfectly. Good Job to everyone who played a part in producing this show. With the noble character Atticus being killed off, we hope to see the actor in more films (Also in spike lee's 'Da 5 Bloods'). Kudos to you Jonathan Majors!!!

*Comment below, give PBB some feedback on anything pertaining to the show, your thoughts, or if you liked this article and if you would like more similar content from us. WE LOVE FEEDBACK!!

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This show blew me away!! I definitely wasn’t expecting anything like this. As a AHS fan, I was disappointed in the show not airing this year due to COVID, but luckily this show filled its shoes. Looking forward to season 2, and more blogs from PBB ❤️💙💚

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