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P.B.B. visits Winston-Salem, NC to talk with the youth! "HABITAT FOR HUMANITY" PROGRAM.

Jalan Ward | Published February 22, 2022

"Service improves the world." Figuring out ways to impact, and reaching the world starts with communities in our backyards. Life is amazing, and we should give the kids an opportunity to be great, and experience life at an advantage. If P.B.B. contains the resources, and knowledge to supply valuable information, then that's what P.B.B. will do. It's inevitable for us not to.

We are deeply grateful for "Habitat for Humanity" reaching out to us to speak to the youth in Winston-Salem, NC. These were some of the brightest kids who were already thinking about their future before we even arrived. Incredible moments, as I witnessed a brother and sister playing a game of chess, also hearing that a young Black boy has already practiced flying simulations to get his aviation license. Breath-taking! This is what our company is all about, we want to hear and see these amazing kids flourish to the best of their abilities. It's all possible!

There's so much to unpack from this special visit, and it's with pleasure to showcase our appreciation to operational programs who are making an attempt to create change. We have to continue to find creative ways to reach the kids all around the world. This was the start!


Special thanks to Habitat for Humanity & some of our coolest friends and staff who came to help spread the vision for the bigger purpose.


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