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Dy'Kasha Graves

The Architecture Student at NC State

Interviewing Dy’Kasha Graves

Where are you from?

I’m from Mebane, North Carolina.

What is it that you do currently?

I am currently an Electrical Engineering Technician, I’ve been in

this position for 3 years and just recently I’ve started my

journey to receive my Masters of Architecture from North

Carolina State University!

What motivates you everyday to do what you are doing?

I would have to say my two younger brothers, though I can’t be

a male figure in their life I’ve always tried being that positive

influence to show them there’s more to life than what is

presented to you. Also God’s will, knowing that God’s grace is

with me every day makes me want to work harder to see what

he has in store for me.

Who was the biggest motivator growing up that led to the Black

woman you are today?

I would have to say my mother and my grandmother. It’s funny

because they both have contributed to my life on such different spectrums. They have poured selflessly into me in so many beautiful ways but all in all they have helped me become the woman I am today in its entirety.

What college did you attend? & How did it prepare you


None other than THEE North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University! #AggiePride!

How important is it to have positive Black people around you?

It’s super important, surrounding myself with positive black

people really keeps me focused on my journey and helps my

confidence of knowing that I too can excel and break barriers.

The company you keep is crucial, the positive people you

surround yourself with makes room for growth and learning.

What’s a special talent or hobby you love to do in your spare


I am a creative person, but drawing has always been a special

talent of mine. Other than that I recently picked up roller

skating as hobby during Covid and I truly enjoy it.

What does being a Proud Black Person mean to you?

To be a Proud Black Person to me means love. To love who I am as a proud black woman, loving what I do as a black woman, loving my roots, loving my versatility, and loving everything in between and beyond. To be a black woman? I couldn’t imagine being anything else in this world.

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