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Arthur Toussaint Jones, IV

Service & prosperity, A true African American hero.

Where are you from?

I am originally from Southeast Atlanta, GA by way of Tallahassee, FL where I was born and shortly moved from.

What is it that you do currently?

I am a Military Service Coordinator for the Veterans Affairs (VA) and a US Army Special Operations, Civil Affair Captain.

What motivates you every day to do what you are doing?

I wake up with gratitude for where I presently am and how I have overcome various obstacles to get to this place.  Also, I think of all the family and homies looking up to me, depending on me to make wise decisions and good choices for my namesake.  A fulfilling future legacy motivates me.

Who was the biggest motivator growing up that led to the Black man you are today?

I’d definitely have to say my Mother and Grandmother.  They were monumental in my growth, development and present-day ideologies.

What college did you attend? & How did it prepare you for life?

Georgia Southern University, Armstrong Campus.  Here I fully grasped the concept and importance of time management as I spread myself thin in college.  I learned not to force a premade plan, to trust my intuition, and how to deal with slight odds in pressure and failure.  I learned one of my greatest lessons in college, in learning how to persevere through obscurity.

How important is it to have positive Black people around you?

It is significantly essential; I firmly believe in, “What they see, they will be.”  Having a fostered motivating environment of various people of color can only make you wiser.  “Iron sharpens iron.”

What’s a special talent or hobby you love to do in your spare time?

I honestly love to connect and network people; I tend to tap into my gift to be the bridge or liaison for people meeting people.  Also, I genuinely enjoy traveling and learning various cultures and perspectives to bring the wisdom of the experience back home to the homies.

What does being a Proud Black Person mean to you?

Being a Proud Black Man means confidence in identity; loving the melanin and gifts the Creator blessed me with and utilizing that identity of royalty in my daily interactions as a gentle giant some outside of the culture may fear. 

Leaving your legacy behind, what is something you want people to know you for?

Being an altruistic, benevolent, consistent and loyal man.  A man of his word, of the spirit and intentional in how I move.  Remember me a King that recognizes the light in others who may not be able to see it.  I am simply a mirror for the oppressed and the wealthy.  A window of opportunity to show anything is possible in this marathon. 

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